Brief Historical Timeline

Hacienda Luisita is a 6,453 hectares of agricultural land in the province of Tarlac, Philippines, an estate as large as the land areas of the cities of Makati and Manila combined. It is being manage by one family (the Cojuangco-Aquino) whilst, ten thousand families are being deprived of their just, moral, historical, and legal rights to the land, and its fruits.

To date, despite various promises including a Supreme Court decision in April, 2012, the Cojuangco-Aquino have continued to concoct maneuvers after dirty maneuvers to instill fear, thwart the spirit of land reform, sow violence, and dodge the law on its mandate to return to the farmers, what is historically, morally, and legally theirs.

Here is a five-decade and still running timeline of events prepared by LUISITA WATCH. It is a story of one powerful family and its web of lies and myth rising to produce two Presidents of this land. It is a story of tens of thousands of farmworkers including their families’ decade long struggle for Land and Justice.

Their victory, is our food security. Their struggle, our life line of hope, to the ever continuing war to create a system where no person will ever be oppressed. Let us closely follow their timeline from here on.##


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9 thoughts on “Brief Historical Timeline

  1. How sad that the Cojuangco’s lied and did not follow the covenant. kunwari honest and straight sila pero nag babait-baitan lang pala. may hidden agenda. If Cory really wants to distribute the land to the farmers, matagal na nyang ginawa yun. This is just my opinion. Maawa naman sana sila (cojuangcos’) sa mga farmers.

  2. bakit hnd na lng ibigay sa kaukolan ang mga bukirin na yan,,sila nmn ang magsasaka mulat sapul,na galing na sa mga lolo,lola’t mga una nilang pamilya,,,mga pilipino rin namn ang mga yan,,

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